Where Did We Come from?

Hoops and Homework Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 charity in December 2014 in order to continue to provide after school services. The funds that are donated are used to pay for staff, supplies, insurance and snacks at the two sites.

Since then we have gotten unanimous permission from the Framingham Housing Authority to operate our program at their site. The Board of Directors of the Cochituate Cooperative Homes has also unanimously endorsed our program at their site. Permission has been received from the Mass. Dept. of Early Childhood for our operations.

On January 22, 2015, Hoops and Homework was able to reopen the closed site. However, it is essential that we raise sufficient funds to ensure interrupted services today and in the future for our two sites.

Hoops and Homework has been extremely well received by the community and has received recognition by State Senator Karen Spilka and State Representatives Chris Walsh and Tom Sannicandro. Parents and teachers have reported that the program has been instrumental in helping the youth understand and complete their homework assignments in a consistent, timely manner. The children have flourished in a safe, nurturing environment where they have developed bonds with the other youth in their community and with the adults who work with them daily.

The Hoops and Homework program was launched in fall 2012 through partnership with SMOC. At the time of its inception, a group of concerned citizens was successful in getting Framingham Town Meeting to appropriate $81,000 to initiate the after school homework and recreation program at two sites in the lowest income section of Framingham. The program has been wildly successful with the students, their parents and their teachers.

The $81,000 was spent on teacher salaries, computers, equipment, educational games and supplies and snacks, but on Oct. 31, 2014, funds were insufficient to maintain the program at housing complex owned by the Framingham Housing Authority. That program was temporarily shuttered, leaving students without after school care.