January 2022

1 - To follow up on our grand opening ceremonies for the new expanded center, the following dignitaries speak about Hoops and Homework and explain why they support our program.
Senate President Karen Spilka, Mayor Yvonne Spicer, Brendon Giblin (the center is dedicated to the memory of his father, Kevin Giblin) , City Councilor Phil Ottaviani, and School Committee member Ricky Finlay.
Included in the video is a tour of our exciting new expanded facility.

Please click this link to view.


2 - These people, who are great advocates for Hoops and Homework, explain why it is such an important program and needed and vital.  Please check them out by clicking the link below.
City Councilor John Stefanini, Former Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey, State Rep. Maria Robinson, State Rep. Jack Lewis and Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay.


3 - This video introduces a variety of people well acquainted with our programs. They answer the question: What if there were no Hoops and Homework?
Former principal Robin Welch, Former chair of the Selectmen Cheryl Tully Stoll, Deya ( student at Hoops ) and long time donor Dan Rao.


4 - Please view these folks who will tell you about their wonderful and rewarding experiences related to Hoops and Homework. You will see some great stories from : Dave and Elsa Hornfischer, City Councilor Adam Steiner, Former chair of the Selectmen Charlie Sisitsky, School Committee memberBev Hugo.


5 - These friends of Hoops and Homework talk about the program history from the very beginning and also of our wonderful community collaboration. Enjoy. Former School Committee member Don Taggart, City Councilor Janet Leombruno, Jim Rusche, Assistant Supt. Joseph Corazzini


6 - This video features Molly who was a volunteer at Hoops and Homework. She relates in detail her participation in some truly wonderful activities and her reaction to our children. This is a first hand look into what’s actually happening at our centers.


7 - You will meet Rick MacPherson, President & CEO Metrowest YMCA, who is a vital collaborator for Hoops and Homework. They provide food and technical support to us. Next up is City Councilor Tracey Bryant, who lives right in the neighborhood where Hoops and Homework is located. She provides an important perspective on our presence in her area. And then you will hear from Mike Grilli who is a very successful businessman giving his thoughts on why you should support our programs. He is a very generous donor.


8- Introducing Ken Curtin who is a staff member at Hoops and Homework. He describes what is going on at our programs. The wonderful projects that we do with the kids, the help that we provide. This is a great way to find out why the service that we provide is so very important to the kids and families who live in our low income neighborhoods.


9 - Here we see Priscila Sousa, member of the School Committee. She tells how she got involved with Hoops and Homework and why she raised money and ran the Boston Marathon for the program. Then we have Tania Calder who is the Program Director and who is very familiar with the neighborhood where Hoops is located. She gives a lot of direct and fascinating information about the program. Finally we hear from Jayne Acevedo who is the Site Director at one of our programs. She tells what is going on and what great things the program is doing for these kids. To wrap up, you get a very real sense of the programs and why you should contribute and keep them sustainable.


10 - Phil Reitz sings a wonderful song for the grand opening of our new expanded center. Please enjoy his outstanding talent. Zach Taggart talks about the very rewarding experience that he had while volunteering for Hoops and Homework. Zach was especially successful because he was just a little older than our kids and could connect with them very well. Take a listen.


11 - Linda Ayers is a long time volunteer for Hoops and Homework. She tells some heartwarming stories about her experiences over many years. They are very touching. Linda makes the pitch for more volunteers to provide needed one to one individualized teaching for the kids.


12 - This is a slide show which shows many of the wonderful activities and also the background of Hoops and Homework.


13 - This video is a slide show which thanks our donors. Our new center is dedicated to the memory of one of our most outstanding donors, Kevin Giblin .


14 - Meet Kevin Lopez, the new program director at Hoops and Homework. He will tell you about his background, his vision and the fantastic ideas that he will bring to our programs. We are so fortunate to have someone like him join our team.


15 - Meet Eve Costarelli who is our yoga instructor. She will discuss her program and why it is so vital to our kids.


16 - Meet Police Chief Lester Baker who talks about the vital and most important need for Hoops and Homework. He is living proof of the success of programs like ours. The Framingham Police and Hoops and Homework have a very close relationship which benefits the whole community.